Powertraveller Startmonkey 400

The Startmonkey 400 is a compact portable charger perfect for jump-starting most vehicles from cars to commercial vans to large 4WDs. If your car has a 12 volt battery(CCA up to 1200A) the Startmonkey 400 will start it. With a start current of 12 volts at 400 Amps the Startmonkey is powerhouse and is capable of restarting a 12 volt car battery up to 15 times.

What makes the startmonkey different to its competitors is its High Energy Polymer Lithium Battery and easy to use features. Simply attach the Startmonkey 400 and leave it for 5-8 seconds then turn the ignition and your car will start. It is literally that easy!  Add an auto-off feature, a clear LCD screen, the ability to check the health of your battery, low static wastage (meaning you can leave it unused for up to 1 year and it will still hold up to 75% of its power) and the fact it can be recharged 500 times and the Startmonkey is the best value on the market - period!

Technical Specifications

Milliamps Hour (mAh): 21000
Dimensions (L*H*W cm): 21 x 6.5 x 6.4
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Voltage: 12V

Safety features:

  • Integrated software to control charging procedure: startmonkey400 will not output or charge unless attached to 12V vehicle battery]
  • Over-discharging protection
  • Over-charging protection (3-level charging protections: CPU, professional charging chipset & battery protection IC)
  • Incorrect polarity protection
  • Auto-off after engine started
  • Manual activation if battery voltage is below 6V
  • Short-circuit protection


  • Maximum jump-start current: 400A, 4,800watts in 6-8 seconds
  • Battery type: 7AH x 3 Lithium Polymer rechargeable – 12V at total capacity 21,000mAh
  • Voltmeter displays vehicle battery condition from 1.0V to 15V
    startmonkey400 auto-on from 6~15V
  • Manually turn-on if battery voltage is too low
  • 4 LED array to display battery level, scrolling while being charged, low battery warning
  • Weight: 1.1KG
  • Storage time: 1 year with 75% capacity left
  • Working temperature -27 ºC to 50ºC

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