Power Traveller Powermonkey Expedition - Launch Pack

The Powertraveller Powermonkey Expedition Value Pack is the most advanced portable charger on the planet. Capable of generating sustainable power for 5 volt to 12 volt devices (Smartphones, iPads, iPhones, sports watches, GPS, satellite phones, SLR cameras, GoPros, two-way radios and more) the Expedition is the only choice for off the grid power! Add incredible safety features to ensure your devices are protected i.e. surge protection, output voltage capping etc you have one amazing piece of kit.

What you get is the Powermonkey Expedition, the Solarmonkey Expedition and the Hand-powered crank. The value pack is a limited offer and once gone the aforementioned items will only be available for individual purchase. 

Why buy it?

The Powermonkey Expedition sets the benchmark for serious portable chargers and with a massive 10,500mAh premium lithium polymer battery there is some serious juice under the hood. Utilising advanced technology ensures smoother power delivery, whilst retaining charges for longer. Add the ability to recharge via:

  • Hand-powered crank
  • Solar and
  • International AC mains charger (Will work in 150 countries in the world)

The Expedition is also a scalable portable charging device, meaning further accessories will become available allowing you to charge via wind, water and butane gas!

What sort of charge can I expect? 

Crank Arms Charging

10 minutes of cranking charges the Expedition internal battery by 1%, which may not sound like much but that is about 7% charge of an iPhone 5s - 40 minutes talk time. So you can crank as much or as little power as you need and then fold the crank away when not required.

Sun Charging

Use the sun to charge the Powermonkey Expedition via a solar panel housed in a very strong, lightweight, aluminum case, which has been designed specifically to work seamlessly with the Expedition. The Expedition outputs 5 watts (5V 1Amp) and is capable of recharging the Expedition in around 12-15 hours in good sunlight. The use of aluminum isn’t just for its looks, rather the aluminium acts as a heat-sync and makes solar panel charging not only more efficient, but also more durable. Thanks to MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) technology the panel can charge devices in low light too.

AC Mains Charging

The Expedition can be fully charged, via AC mains, in 12 hours so plug it in the night before and you’ll be well placed for your adventure ahead.

What it will charge?

The Expedition features 12V DC and 5V USB outputs so will charge everything from iPads/tablets, two-way radios, satellite phones and smartphones, to GPS, head lamps and SLR cameras, plus many other devices. 

Other stuff

The Expedition and cables are completely waterproof, rated to IP67.

Comes with

One Powermonkey Expedition | One Hand Crank | International AC Mains Charger | Waterproof connection cables | Dual Zip Storage Case | Cable Slip Case | One Solarmonkey Expedition Solar Panel

    Buy with confidence

    Buy some cheap alternative if you like, but they are cheap for a reason. 


      Powermonkey Expedition

      Weight 697 grams
      Dimensions 164 mm x 62 mm x 62 mm
      Battery Type Lithium Polymer
      Battery Capacity 10,500 mAh
      Output voltage 5v USB 2A and 12V 800mA

        Solarmonkey Expedition Solar Panel

        Weight 410 grams
        Dimensions 200  x 110 mm x 18 mm
        Output voltage 5v 1A 

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