About Us

A little about us

Based in Melbourne, Australia our PowerHungry team is a diverse group of individuals with a passion for travelling, outdoors and just enjoying life. 

With a wealth of experience, we can help you make sure you have the tools to stay connected, light the path and just about everything else in between for your next venture. 

Our focus is on you and making sure you get the right product to suit your needs, at a fair price and with great customer service. Sure they are just words, so why not try us out and start a chat or flick us an email.

A few more facts about PowerHungry!  

  • We are Australia's largest online retailer of outdoor portable chargers selling brands including, PowerTraveller, Black Diamond, BioLite and more
  • Our customer service is super fast, helpful and undertaken by Aussie's right here in Melbourne
  • We provide FREE shipping over $25, are super fast with most orders flying out of the warehouse (not literally, though that would be pretty cool) within 24-48 hours
  • PowerHungry is a division of Vildness Pty Ltd ACN 148 144 861

In the meantime here is something to start you planning for your next adventure!