Solarmonkey Adventurer FAQs

Here's some answers to our FAQs for the Solar Monkey Adventurer

Note, the SolarAdventurer has been upgraded with the following features:

  • A larger internal battery, which is now 3500 mAh; and
  • An LED front light which changes colour indicating the level of charge left. 

Check out the new information on the Solar monkey Adventurer

Q - If you were charging the solarmonkey adventurer via AC mains, whilst charging an iPad, you would notice the solarmonkey adventurer appears to drop its charge, although your iPad would be 25% charged. Why?

This occurs because the Adventurer has a limited input current of 500mA, whilst the iPad draws power of 1000mA. Once your iPad is charged, the AC mains charger will then begin to charge the Adventurer internal battery.

Q - If I am not going to use my Adventurer for a while, is it best to store it with a charge remaining?

Yep for sure. It should be stored with at least 60% charge remaining as this helps keeps the internal battery in good condition.

Q - Will the solarmonkey adventurer charge the iPad 4?

It will power it, but it will not charge it. 


The iPad 4, despite still being 5V, draws higher amperage than the solarmonkey adventurer can produce. If this is a deal breaker then try the Powermonkey Extreme instead.

Q - Can you charge a device whilst simultaneously charging the solarmonkey adventurer?

Yep. This is referred to as 'daisy-chaining' and can be be performed whilst charging via Solar, USB or AC mains.

Q - When I charge my solarmonkey adventurer until it is fully charged, then leave it overnight I notice the next morning the red light comes on for about 10-15 minutes before it then turns green. Why?

Good question. This is all to do with the Adventurer's amazing battery feature. Once the Adventurer is fully charged the battery voltage drops ever so slightly. This is normal. The charging circuit though initially thinks the battery is not fully charged and so takes a few minutes before it realises it is fully charged.

Q - Can I use the white sync / charge cable that came with my iPhone directly into the solarmonkey adventurer?

Yep. Simple connect this cable and you are off and running. It's that simple.

Josh Charlesworth
Josh Charlesworth


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