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Powermonkey Extreme FAQs

Q - Will the Powermonkey Extreme charge my Iridium 9500 Sat Phone?

Yes. The newer Iridium phones (9505a) and the (9555) do have a DC in-port and so are compatible with the Extreme. Note, the Extreme we sell is the updated Extreme so be wary should you buy elsewhere that you are not buying an older Extreme.

Q - How do I turn on my Powermonkey Extreme?

Easy. Slide your finger across the friction control pad from left to right. The LCD screen should flash THREE times.

Q - How do I turn off my Powermonkey Extreme?

Again slide your finger across the friction control panel from right to left.

Q - My Powermonkey Extreme will not turn on. Why?

  • Okay let's check the battery has been charged. We know this is obvious, but it happens..........
  • Make sure you have swiped your thumb across the friction control pad from left to right and that the LCD screen has flashed three times. Note, the LCD screen should always be on your left.
  • If you have tapped on the friction control pad the screen will show a capacity reading, but this does NOT mean your Extreme is on.
  • If you have these tips drops us a line at and we will sort things for you.

Q - My powermonkey extreme will not turn off. Why?

It is important to remember the Powermonkey Extreme will not turn off automatically, so don't expect it to do this. You can though activate the auto-off / auto-on function so your Powermonkey switches itself off after your device is fully charged. Click here for a step-by-step guide as to how to do this.

Q - How do I connect my Powermonkey Extreme to an iPhone & iPad? 
  • Just use your white Apple sync/charge cable that comes with the iPhone or iPad and connect the USB end into the female USB port of your Extreme.
  • When using your iPad use the Gorilla-Pad adaptor (included with your Extreme) and connect to the Extreme.

Q - How do I connect my Powermonkey Extreme to my Samsung Galaxy Tab?

You need to use your Samsung sync/charge cable and a Powertraveller Galaxy tab cable. To do this find the black DC OUT cable (It's No. 6 in the Extreme instructions). This cable will be in the tips pouch and has a round barrel connection and female USB connection. Connect the barrel end of this cable into the DC OUT port of the Extreme. Then connect the cable from the tips pouch into the female USB end of the DC OUT cable and finally your Samsung sync / charge cable into the end of the Powertraveller galaxy tab cable.

If you get stuck sing our and we can talk you through it. It isn't complicated, but sometimes words confuse just how simple it is.

Q - What do the symbols on the LCD screen mean?

The Powermonkey Extreme's LCD screen contains:

  • A solid battery icon which will flash when the Extreme is low on power and needs to be recharged
  • 7 ascending bars which will tell you how much power is left

Q - How do I know when my Powermonkey Extreme is charged?

The Extreme's background will turn GREEN.

Q - Will my Powermonkey Extreme charge my laptop, notebook or netbook?

Unfortunately no. The reason why is these devices require a much high voltage output. Don't worry we can still help - try taking a look at the Minigorilla for a netbook or for a laptop or notebook the Powergorilla is the way to go.

Q - Is there a way I can check how much charge is left on my Extreme without switching it on? 

Yes. All you have to do is tap the friction pad once. The screen will activate and show you how much charge is left. The display will automatically switch off after seven seconds.

Q - What is the difference between the Extreme and the Explorer?

A couple of things:

  1. The Extreme has a much greater battery capacity and is also waterproof.
  2. The Extreme also has a second power output port which is 5 volts at 2.1amps, which means the Extreme can charge tablets, including iPads.

Q - Is it possible to use the Solarmonkey and the solar panel from the Extreme together to charge my devices?

No. This is because the solar panels are not the same power output.

Q - What is MPPT technology?

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracker. This means the solar panel can charge your device super efficiently even in low light. The Extreme comes with this technology.

Q - Is my Extreme compatible with the Aquastrap?

The Extreme we sell is, but note only Extreme models manufactured after July 2012 will be compatible. If you buy elsewhere remember the Extreme may be cheaper because it is an older model and will not have the newer features. Drop us a line at if you are unsure.

Q - How long will the Aquastrap keep my Extreme waterproof for?

No longer than an hour. The Aquastrap has an IP65 rating, which means it was tested for an hour and passed. Any longer though is a risk we wouldn't recommend taking.

Q - Can I use the Aquastrap when my Extreme is already wet?

No. Make sure you only attach the Aquastrap to a dry Extreme. This is because the Aquastrap may not secure properly.

Q - If I am not going to use my Extreme for a while how should I store it?

Make sure your Extreme has at least 60% charge. Doing so will keep your Extreme in good working order.

Q - When my Extreme has 25% charge left and I connect it to the solar panel, the on/off switch will not work. Why?

The Extreme will take a 30% charge for itself before it will charge another device.

Q - What is the operating temperature range for the Extreme?

The Extreme will charge devices anywhere from -20 to 60 degrees Centigrade.

You can charge the Extreme in temperatures from 0 - 45 degrees Centigrade.

Josh Charlesworth
Josh Charlesworth


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