Portable charging devices: How to calculate device watts?

PowerTraveller Solar Gorilla Portable Solar Charger There are times when you may need to calculate your device's watts to determine whether your device is comparable with a PowerTraveller product. For example, the PowerTraveller SolarGorilla is an incredible portable solar panel charger which utilises the sun to recharge electronic devices ranging from 5 volts to 20 volts. The SolarGorilla is different to cheaper alternatives in that its superior technology and photovoltaic panels use the intensity of UV light to charge as opposed to just sunlight. Some manufacturers mistakingly believe the brighter the sunlight the more intense the charge, however the SolarGorilla instead use the intensity of UV. The greater the UV the more intense and powerful to charge. Like most things there are limitations and so the SolarGorilla is recommended for laptops 40 watts or less.

How to calculate the device watts?

This is straight forward and just involves a bit of maths. To calculate watts use the following formula:

W (Watts) = A (Amps) x V (Volts) 

For example, lets assume your laptop produced 1.67 amps and 9 volts. We would calculate this as:

W = 1.67 (A) x 9 (V)

W = 15.03

This figure is under 40 watts and so the SolarGorilla would provide more than sufficient charge to power this device. If you need any help determining whether your laptop would be suitable contact us via LiveChat or our contact us page.




Josh Charlesworth
Josh Charlesworth


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